Conditions of Participation

1. Contract
1. By sending the online-registration form or signing the registration form the participant automatically recognizes the following conditions of participation set by
Sprachschatz – German Language School (Sprachschatz).
2. After registration, the participant receives a confirmation of his/her registration with information on availability of the preferred language course (and accommodation). The participant must declare his will to book a concretely offered language course in writing (e.g. by e-mail). The booking becomes binding as soon as Sprachschatz has confirmed it and issued an invoice.
3. The booked course can only be cancelled by the participant according to point 3 of these General Terms and Conditions.

2. Terms of Payment and Prices
1. All payments can be made: by bank transfer, cash at the language school or in exceptional cases by PayPal (with additional fees).
2. All banking charges or other fees linked to the payment of the course fees are to be paid by the participant.

 3. Cancellation
1. If the participant wants to withdraw from his/her course booking, the declaration of withdrawal must be made in writing. The decisive date of withdrawal is the date of receipt of the declaration of withdrawal by Sprachschatz in Leipzig (not the postmark).
2. Unless otherwise agreed, the following cancellation fees are to be paid in case of withdrawal: up to 4 weeks before the agreed course start date: € 150; up to 7 work days before the agreed course start date: € 210, less than 7 work days before the agreed course start date: 50% of the course fees. From the first agreed course day on cancellation is not possible and no refunds or credit notes for future courses can be issued.
3. If Sprachschatz has issued an official booking confirmation letter for a public authority (e.g. embassy), the course booking can only be cancelled by sending the visa refusal letter of the embassy (or the refusal letter of another public authority) to Sprachschatz by post or by e-mail. The already paid amount minus a cancellation fee of € 150 (and the fee of € 80 in case of express delivery of the confirmation letter) will be reimbursed by bank transfer. The evidence of visa refusal must be received by the school not later than 7 work days before course start. Should it come later the fees for the first four course weeks will be retained. After the start of the course no claim to repayment of the already paid amount exists.
4. In agreement with the school, the participant can postpone his/her course start once to a more convenient course start date at no charge not later than 10 working days prior to course start. This does not apply if a visa has been issued and the school has issued a confirmation to an authority (for example embassy).
5. Sprachschatz reserves the right to cancel all bookings which have not been paid at least 7 work days prior to the course start date.

 4. Obligations of the Participant
1. It is the obligation of the course participant to be sure that his or her stay in Germany is legal. Sprachschatz assumes that participants have the necessary and legal papers to enter Germany and to reside there for the duration of their studies
2. The course participant is solely responsible to have sufficient insurance coverage for health, accidents and liability. Sprachschatz assumes no liability whatsoever in such instances. This refers to the courses at school as well as to the cultural program. If the student participates in the cultural activities offered by Sprachschatz, he or she does so at his or her own personal risk. The school or any private person working for the school cannot be made liable for accidents or damage of personal property.





5. Liability
1. Should a participant be prevented from fully completing his or her course (within the booked course period) for personal reasons (e.g. illness, professional or personal obligations, residency permit, etc.), the participant has no claim to a reimbursement of course fees and no claim to participation in a course at a later point in time.
2. Sprachschatz is not liable should it be prevented from carrying out its obligations because of an Act of God or other events beyond its control. This does not affect the liability of Sprachschatz for damages caused by it or its employees willfully or by negligence.

3. If the school or individual course groups have to be closed due to governmental regulations (e.g. infection protection law), the classes may continue online. A cancellation or (partial) refund for this reason is not possible. Apart from that, an exclusion of liability due to force majeure shall apply according to point 5.1.

4. The course participant shall be liable for all damage culpably caused by him. 

6. General Terms
1. The minimum age of the course participants is 18.
2. One teaching hour is 45 minutes long.

3. For the duration of the booked course period, the course will take place continuously and cannot be paused.

4. Classes do not take place on public holidays. The lost time cannot be replaced or refunded.
5. In the event that there are less than 8 participants in an intensive course group, Sprachschatz reserves the right to reduce the number of teaching hours.
6. At the end of the course Sprachschatz issues a certificate of participation. The certificate is available if the participant attended at least 80 percent of the entire course duration.
7. Sprachschatz cannot be made liable for the loss of personal property. 

7. Privacy Policy
1. The participant knowingly allows Sprachschatz to enter his or her personal information as stated on the application form into its data banks. This information will be processed and handled electronically. 

8. Legal Domicile
1. This contract is governed by German law.
2. The legal domicile is Leipzig.

9. Severability Clause
1. Should individual terms of this Agreement be ineffective or lose their effectiveness due to later circumstances or should a loophole emerge in this Agreement, the legal effectiveness of the other provisions is not affected. The invalid contractual provision shall be replaced or the loophole filled by an appropriate provision which comes as close as possible to what the parties to the Agreement would have wanted, had they considered the point.