Enrollment Information

 Deadline of application

As soon as the maximum number of participants is achieved, you will not be able to enroll in the respective language course.

Entry into Germany

Please inform yourself ahead of time which entry regulations are applicable to you personally. For general information, have a look at our Visa information.

Enrollment and payment

  • You can register yourself for our German language courses either online or by filling out our registration form and sending it to us via post or fax. Please read our conditions of participation and the visa checklist.
  • Within three working days, you will receive a confirmation of your reservation with information on availability of the chosen language course and accommodation. You will also receive an invoice with the request for an advance payment of € 150 and the due date of payment of the remaining invoice amount.
  • You transfer the advance payment to our bank account. (Participants who need a visa have to transfer the whole invoice amount.) Please, do not forget to mention the participant’s name and the invoice number so we can match the payment to your registration. You may choose one of the following methods of payment:
    1. by bank transfer to the following account
    2. per PayPal (only with prepayment)
    3. or cash at our language school
  • As soon as the payment is posted on our account, we will send you a confirmation of the booking and the receipt of the payment.
  • Participants from countries requiring a visa will also receive the original confirmation letter via airmail as proof for their visa application at the German embassy. This confirmation serves as the “invitation.” No “invitations” are issued by Sprachschatz-German Language School.
  • Participants from Germany or from countries not requiring a visa shall pay the whole invoice amount (minus the advance payment of € 150) until the date of payment (as written on the invoice) at the latest.

Language skills

  • A whole course level comprises at least 160 lessons. For example, if you would like to attend a course on the B1 level, you should have had at least 320 German lessons (A1 plus A2) before you proceed on this level. If you do not know your level of language proficiency, the description of the levels A1-C2 of the CEFR by the European Council can be helpful. You can also test your prior language knowledge online at http://sprachtest.cornelsen.de/einstufung/.
  • The following language skills are required for studying in Germany:
    1. level B1 for the Studienkolleg
    2. level C1 for direct access to institutions of higher education
  • Our German intensive courses as well as our exam preparation courses systematically prepare you for these examinations.
  • In order to work in Germany, you have to prove sufficient German language skills. Whether the language skills are sufficient enough is always determined by the employer‘s requirements. Sometimes, proof of language skills on the level B1 can be sufficient. Mostly, however, employers require language skills on the levels B2 or C1.
  • The proof of sufficient German language skills to pursue a medical profession is a fundamental precondition for the granting of the “Approbation” and professional licenses to physicians or dentists. At the moment, proof of general language skills on the level B2 is usually sufficient. However, it is not unlikely that the required proficiency level will increase in the near future. Therefore, it is recommended to attend a German language course for physicians at Sprachschatz-German Language School.